Psa Collective Agreement Trinidad

The political reality of these public service negotiations lies in the fact that Mr. Duke is a political enemy of the current government and wants to become the next Prime Minister. Will this government or any government join a 120.4 per cent pay increase to make Mr. Duke politically attractive for the next election? Is Mr. Duke negotiating in good faith on behalf of public servants or is it a political strategy to prevent an agreement between the two parties? The theme of the negotiations used by Mr. Duke is “living wage” to seek the support of PSA members and the broader public service for the 2014-2016 rate period. For this letter, we will try to reject the experience of public servants who protested by the thousands on the streets of the capital against the assumption of a 5% increase in 2010, finally accepted and approved by Mr. Duke. Because of our strategy, we are no longer positioned as “the working poor.” We have significantly improved the working conditions and pay of each EPI member. Over the next four years, we are committed to doing even better. The employment assessment exercise and the market survey would allow public servants, as well as their counterparts in the airport administration and civil aviation, to see a fundamental improvement in their standard of living. Combined with extensive membership benefits and our work-life balance. Public servants who have been in contact with us are certainly striving for a long pay increase, but not the personal and political demands that are currently submitted to the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO).

We are convinced that Mr. Duke`s physical presence at the negotiating table is counterproductive to public servants who get an adequate and timely increase, that they deserve because they are who he is and what he stands for. Our successes are unprecedented in PSA`s history and we are confident that we will gain even more ground in the years to come. Between 2009 and 2013, we achieved the following: this government has repeatedly promised its commitment to work and workers. The People`s Partnership Government has promised to put workers at the centre of its concerns, as indicated in its manifesto, and has insisted that about 83 wage disputes have been resolved since it took office in 2010. . Minister of Labour and Small and Microenterprise Errol McLeod, Mr. Duke, is calling for his livelihood for public servants to start at $10,000 for the lowest category of public service workers, which is the four-tier.

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