Fort Lauderdale Police Department Collective Bargaining Agreement

The agreement provides for a 1 per cent increase in public servants retroactive to October for fiscal 2013, a 2 per cent increase for fiscal 2014 and an increase reflecting cost-of-living rates for fiscal 2015. The contract increases performance, but new employees are limited to an increase in performance per year. Raises, takeaway cars, smoking and future retirement savings are part of a new police union contract approved by the city commission on Tuesday night. NOTE: The duties of this position include all tasks defined in the official job description. Full copies of contracts for cities for which Broward PBA has collective agreements can be printed or printed. Click on the corresponding service to download the PDF file of the contract in search of the contract. The average working week is forty (40) hours with overtime or a period of compensation (for now and one semester) for hours greater than forty (40) hours per standard work week. After one (1) year of service with the city, a police officer may apply for the assignment of the position once a calendar year. Such tasks are based on the seniority of the department and your preference. EQUIPET All required uniforms and equipment will be provided by the service with the exception of the service weapon, shoes, handcuffs and pipe.

BENEFITS Retired police officers are entitled to a normal retirement after twenty (20) years of service, calculated at three (3%) % per year up to a maximum of 75%. The pension plan is supported by the city and assists the worker. In addition, officers can participate in an 8-year deferred retirement options program (D.R.O.P.). Holidays – Holidays – Hospitalization Up to 5 weeks off per year; nine (9) paid vacations and three (3) personal holidays per year. There are also sick pay (with options to turn sick leave into vacation or cash.) This is a very responsible position within the city of Fort Lauderdale, which involves networking with the community and protecting life and property. This involves patrol work, criminal investigations, community policing and enforcement of Florida state laws and fort Lauderdale city regulations. For operations, routine patrols, traffic controls for motorcyclists, boats, bicycle or walking patrols. Officials receive orders and instructions from senior police officers and carry out their work in accordance with departmental guidelines and standard operating procedures.

“I think we have made good faith efforts on this issue,” said Commissioner Bobby DuBose. “Is it perfect? No. Officers should not smoke in urban cars and new recruits must be smoke-free.

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