Wisconsin Vehicle Use Agreement

Drivers should remember that public perception of government employees is important and influenced by how and where the public sees the use of state vehicles. Motorists should not make random stops in places that the public would find inappropriate. Examples include gaming and sports sites, liquor stores, and other places where government stores or random use allowed are unlikely to be involved. In general, only employees, agents, and students are allowed to drive in university/state vehicles. Exceptions to this rule arise when transportation is necessary or convenient for people who are directly involved or involved in academic affairs. Passengers who are not employees, students or officers must have the approval of the Risk Management Office. Fulfilling the New Fleet Driver Contract: Use of the Vehicle, sometimes referred to as the VUA Access Agreement to the Vehicle Use Agreement For more information on passenger compensation in all vehicle situations, see the table in Section 6 C, last line, of the UW 615 System Administrative Policy, Vehicle Use and Driver Authorization. The above guidelines also apply to the use of passenger and rental vehicles during professional use. The use of these vehicles outside of the above parameters would be considered personal use and, therefore, the excess liability coverage of WI`s state self-funded liability program will not be extended in these situations. See 314 Vehicle Use and Rental Policy regarding travel and the need for a driver`s authorization. Individuals must be eligible to drive reserve vehicles, be reimbursed for the mileage of a personal vehicle, and lease a vehicle from third-party providers for academic companies.

Drivers are not allowed to use a state or fleet vehicle for personal use. The only exceptions to this rule are random stops. Examples include stops at a restaurant for a meal, an ATM or financial institution, an emergency or emergency room, or a gas station or supermarket. Drivers who need to stay away from home overnight can use a government vehicle for the types of necessary activities that can be expected from a traveler outside the home with the permission of their supervisor. Examples include evening use to go to a pharmacy, grocery store, laundromat, fitness center, or other places to purchase goods or perform activities necessary for the health and well-being of the employee. All applicable traffic rules must be followed at all times for the use of a university business vehicle. All drivers must complete an approved refresher driving course every three years or if their supervisor otherwise requires it. Refresher training can be done in the classroom, behind the wheel or online. In addition, you must always be a licensed driver before taking the course. Note: Due to COVID-19, the classroom and steering wheel are pending.

All drivers are assessed monthly and each person who no longer meets our driver criteria is deactivated with notification to employees and superiors. Once logged in, select Reports from the top menu, and then select Driver Summary. It is the responsibility of the employer service to regularly inform the risk management office of dismissed or departing employees in order to dismiss them. View and confirm authorized drivers who have completed the authorization process. If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Beich at (608) 262-8926 or me at 608-262-8925. . .

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