Arcgis Online Master Agreement

The ArcGIS Online Master Agreement: All You Need to Know

If you are a GIS professional or a business that relies on location intelligence, you may already be familiar with ArcGIS Online – a cloud-based software platform that allows you to create, share, and analyze spatial data. ArcGIS Online is a powerful tool, but like any software product, it comes with certain terms and conditions that you need to be aware of before using it. That`s where the ArcGIS Online Master Agreement (OMA) comes in.

The OMA is a legal agreement between Esri – the company behind ArcGIS – and its customers. It defines the terms under which customers can access and use the ArcGIS Online service, as well as their responsibilities and obligations. It is important to read and understand the OMA before using ArcGIS Online to ensure that you are complying with the terms of the agreement.

Here is a brief overview of some key terms and concepts in the OMA:

1. Authorized Use: The OMA grants customers the right to use ArcGIS Online for their internal business or organizational purposes. It prohibits the use of ArcGIS Online for any illegal or malicious activities, such as hacking or transmitting viruses.

2. Subscription Term: The OMA covers a specified subscription term, which is typically for one or more years. It defines the start and end date of the subscription and the fees that are payable by the customer.

3. User Entitlements: The OMA specifies the number and type of user entitlements that the customer has purchased. User entitlements determine the number of people who can access and use ArcGIS Online.

4. Data and Intellectual Property: The OMA clarifies the ownership and licensing of data and intellectual property. It stipulates that the customer retains ownership of any data that they upload to ArcGIS Online, but grants Esri a license to use and distribute the data for the purpose of providing the ArcGIS Online service.

5. Support and Maintenance: The OMA outlines the support and maintenance services that Esri will provide to the customer, such as technical support and software updates. It also specifies the conditions under which the customer can terminate the agreement.

Reading and understanding the ArcGIS Online Master Agreement is important to ensure that you are using the software service within the legal requirements. If you have any questions or concerns about the OMA, you should seek legal advice or contact Esri`s customer support team for guidance.

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